Anti-cellulite Cream

Anti-cellulite Cream


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High exposure BDKLaboratory™ Anti-cellulite Cream consisting of Baldone mud®and natural plant extracts announced the fight against uneven skin and “orange peel” effect! The cream stimulates natural cell regeneration cycle, so that the skin receives vitality! Thanks to the unique ingredient, the Baldone mud®, just after few uses you will see great results – firmer skin, cellulite reduction of 50%* and perfect skin smoothness and radiance. The cream improves lymph drainage processes, which promote removal of toxins and this is the fundamental principle in fight against cellulite. By regular cream use it is possible to reduce the cellulite, “orange peel” effect up to 90%**! Take the challenge and fight against uneven skin and feel the unique effect of the product!

*By regular use in the mornings and evenings.

**By regular use in the mornings and eveningsat least during 6 months.


Before the cream application, it is recommended to make a 5-7 minute massage with a body scrubbing glove, brush or hands. Intensively massage the cream with circular movements into the cleansed skin on the cellulite-affected areas. Let the cream be absorbed completely. To obtain the maximum moisturizing and firming effect, apply the BDK LaboratoryMoisturizing and Softening Body Cream after you have applied the anti-cellulite treatment.


Anti-cellulite Cream

Anti-cellulite Cream


 EffectAdvantagesIdeal forFormula particularity
Baldone mud®Acts on the deeper layers of the skin; stimulates microcirculation and lymph drainage processes, which helps the skin to look smoother.Toxin removing function.Cellulite effected areas, uneven skin.
  • Gets quickly absorbed into skin
  • Does not leave the skin sticky
  • Light texture
Algae extractImproves skin’s natural moisture level and enriches the skin with minerals.Intensive moisturizing during day and night.Dry, weakened skin.
Horse ChestnutextractImproves blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels and removes excessive fluid and toxins from tissues.One of the strongest extracts in fight against cellulite.Uneven skin prone to cellulite.
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