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BDK Laboratory ™ toothpaste, with highly organic Peloid Complex®, is a particularly suitable product for sensitive teeth, which protects the oral microflora from viruses and bacteria, provides a tonic effect, as well as improves the natural whiteness of teeth. The highly organic components reduce tooth sensitivity and prevent bleeding gums, as well as keep the breath fresh throughout the day. The unique complex provides antibacterial effects by dealing with bacteria that cause inflammation of the gums and periodontitis. The highly organic components and minerals of Peloid Complex® provide an antioxidant effect by stabilizing cell structures and binding free radicals. It reduces tooth and gum irritation, providing a calming effect.

  • Suitable for sensitive teeth
  • Improves the natural whiteness of teeth
  • Reduces gum bleeding


BDK Laboratory ™ specialists recommend brushing teeth after each meal or at least 2 times a day. The procedure should last 3-4 minutes. The amount of toothpaste for one cleaning is the size of a pea. The effect is achieved after regular use.


 EffectBenefitsIdeal forProperties
Baldones moor®Strengthens the structure of damaged teeth, provides an antibacterial effect.Acts against caries promoting microorganisms.For sensitive and healthy teeth.Easy to use.

Doesn’t leave stains.

Light texture for easier dental care.

SilicaWhitens tooth enamel, giving a  natural white color.Gives teeth a natural shine, white color.For yellowish, damaged, and healthy teeth
SodaDissolves plaque, whitens teeth.Disinfection of inflamed gums.For inflamed gums.
Mint flavorStrengthens tooth enamel and gives fresh breath.Fighting bacteria and maintaining a feeling of freshness.For healthy and damaged teeth.
FluorideProtects tooth enamel and acts against caries.Dental protection.For healthy and damaged teeth
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