Conditioner for Bleached, dyed and weakened hair

Conditioner for Bleached, dyed and weakened hair


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Regain your hair’s natural beauty by providing it with vitamins and natural energy of organic Baldone Mud®! Frequent hair dyeing and bleaching heavily damages the hair structure, weakening the hair and stimulating hair loss. The organic composition of the conditioner penetrates the hair structure, restoring its silky texture and strength, facilitating hair growth and strengthening dry, damaged and weakened hair. Regenerative and nourishing properties of the conditioner normalize the hair structure damaged by keratin, restore hair strength and resistance, provide hair with shine, improve the tone of dyed and bleached, as well as naturally blond hair. This is the power of nature for bleached and weakened hair!


In order to achieve the complete hair strengthening effect and enjoy the hair care ritual, apply a little amount of the hair Conditioner onto your cleansed hairafter washing it with the BDK Laboratory™ Shampoo for dry, damaged and dehydrated hair. Leave the Conditioner on your hair for 3-5 minutes to achieve the special rejuvenating effect. Rinse the Conditioner off your hair with warm water. Enjoy your hair shine. Avoid frequent exposure of your hair to heat.


Conditioner for Bleached, dyed and weakened hair


 EffectsAdvantagesIdeal forFeatures of the formula
BaldoneMud®Helps restore the natural hair shine and health; reduces the adverse effects of bleaching products on the hair structure. Enriches your hair with vitamins and enzymes.Strong hair structure regeneration; strengthening of hair folliclesHair that is often subject to the adverse effects of the heat and chemical treatment
  • Protective layer against adverse effects of heat
  • Is evenly applied on the entire length of hair
  • Nourishing texture
  • Easy to rinse
Birch leaf extractPrevents hair dryness and hair lossStrengthening of hair follicles, intensive moisturizingIncreased hair loss
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