Extra Gentle Gel for Intimate Hygiene

Extra Gentle Gel for Intimate Hygiene



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 Peloid Complex® provides a calming effect, reducing discomfort in the intimate area. The organic components in Peloid Complex® help to improve the microflora, reduce itching and balance the acid-alkali base balance. Due to its antibacterial effect, it helps to protect against pathogenic microorganisms, reducing the possibility of the formation of fungi and skin inflammation. Lactic acid helps maintain an acidic environment. The gentle product helps to reduce irritation to the skin and mucous membranes. Aloe vera extract helps reduce inflammation and redness by providing a moisturizing effect.

Refreshing and soothing effect
Balanced pH level, hypoallergenic
Designed to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction
83.8% natural ingredients


Apply the intimate hygiene gel, in a foamed state, to the intimate areas of the body, and then rinse thoroughly. The gel is suitable for both women and men.


 EffectBenefitIdeal forProperties
Baldone moor®Enriches the skin with enzymes, minerals, organic substances to make it look stunningly smooth, radiant, and healthy.Toxin-releasing functions, skin firming, and intensely moisturizing functions.For uneven skin, for skin with lost firmness.Quickly absorbed into the skin.

Light texture.

Can be used for a gentle body massage at home.

Aloe extractImproves the skin’s natural moisture level and skin regeneration processes.Intensive hydration and reduction of discomfort.For dry, inflamed, weakened skin.
Lactic acidMaintains the skin’s natural moisture level, regulates the pH level.Controls the spread of bacteria, intensive hydration.For dry, itchy skin.
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