Protective Day Cream

Protective Day Cream


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50 ml

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Start your day properly and please your skin choosing a perfect protection against the adverse effects of the environment, which acts as a powerful antioxidant fighting against free radicals – the BDK Laboratory™ Day cream! Special skin protection during the whole day you have ever experienced! The exquisite Baldone mud® composition strengthens the skin’s natural defences andcell structure, prevents formation of wrinkles and skin aging, soothes the skin and improves skin regeneration. The cream acts as an excellent base on a daily basis prior to cosmetic application. Unique composition is complemented by natural herbal extracts, which provide the skin with a perfect vitality and a completely fresh look.


Face Cream is the third step in skin care. Day Cream is an integral part of the skin care ritual, as it provides strong protection against adverse environment effects. After cleansing the skin with milk and gentle toning, apply the cream on the finger tips. Enjoying the treatment massage the cream gently onto the face and decollete area avoiding eye area.


Protective Day Cream


 EffectAdvantagesIdeal forFormula particularity
Baldone mud®Protects the skin against the environmental irritants, acts as a strong anti-oxidant. Improves skin regeneration processes.Helps to prevent and eliminate the signs of skin aging.Anti-oxidant protection for greyish skin with no glow, against wrinkles.
  • Does not clog pores.
  • Powerful anti-oxidant.
  • Light texture, which suits as a base before applying cosmetics.
Algae extractPowerfully moisturizes and maintains the skin’s natural moisture level.Intensive moisturizing.For dehydrated, dry skin.
Cacao butterEasy nourishes the skin during the whole day.Fight with free radicals.For weakened, uneven skin.
Shea butterEnriches the skin with vitamins and provides a protective action.Skin regeneration and protection against negative environmental effects.Fine lines and wrinkles.
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