Regenerating Night Cream

Regenerating Night Cream


50 ml

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Skin radiance and vitality are the most important factors, that visually determine our age. BDK Laboratory ™ challenges aging and offers our skin an effective energy charge, that improves the skin’s regenerative ability in the blink of an eye after the first use. What could be more important than resting your body at night? Our skin also needs to get complete relaxation at night and at the same time strong restoration, because during the night all restorative functions work the best. Baldone moor® enhances the skin’s natural moisture level and enriches the skin with minerals. As a result, the skin becomes thoroughly nourished and relaxes after the irritations acquired during the day.


Face cream is the third step in skin care. The Night cream is an integral part of the skin regeneration ritual during the evenings before bedtime. After cleansing the skin with the milk and gently toning it, the cream should be applied to the fingertips. With gentle circular motions, massage the cream into the face and décolleté area, avoiding the eye area. Most importantly, enjoy the sensations gained during the procedure.


Regenerating Night Cream


EffectAdvantagesIdeal forFormula particularity
Baldone mud®Effectively acts on any type of skin, soothes and relaxes the skin at night, as well as improves regeneration processes.Strong skin regeneration, reduces skin inflammation, removes toxinsIn the fight against the signs of premature skin aging – skin lines and wrinkles.Actively affects the deepest layers of the skin.

Doesn’t clog pores.

Nourishing texture.

Algae complexImproves the skin’s natural moisture level and enriches the skin with minerals.Intensive hydration.For tired and dry skin.
Cacao butterSoothes the skin, makes it more velvety, improves regeneration processes.Improvement of regenerating processes.For weak, uneven skin.
Shea butterActs as a strong antioxidant,  enriches the skin with vitamins.Thoroughly enriches the skin, improves its firmness and elasticity.For dry, dehydrated skin.
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