Toning lotion

Toning lotion


200 ml


Thorough skin cleansing and rich skin toning, as well as skin preparation for the application of face cream, is provided by the Toning Lotion with the active, natural ingredient – Baldone Moor®! The composition, rich in natural ingredients, not only effectively cleanses the skin of dead cells, but also provides a pore-narrowing effect, that helps the skin look smoother. The unique composition is complemented by plant extracts, which provide a refreshing and anti-inflammatory effect. The lotion provides the skin with a feeling of freshness throughout the day and night!


Use in the morning and evening as the second step in the skin cleansing process – immediately after removing makeup with the Cleansing Milk. Apply the lotion on cotton pads and gently cleanse the face, neck, and décolleté area. After toning, apply a BDK Laboratory ™ facial cream suitable for your skin type. Not suitable for eye make-up removal.


Toning lotion


 EffectBenefitsIdeal forProperties
Baldones Moor®Regulates natural skin processes, tones the skin, and reduces the negative effects of free radicals.Reduces skin redness, provides an energizing effect.For reddened skin, clogged pores,  helps oily skinCleanses the skin of residues.

Doesn’t clog pores.

The toning properties help make the active ingredients more effective after applying the face cream.

Algae complexImproves skin’s natural moisture level and enriches the skin with minerals.Intensely moisturizes the skin and gives it a restoring effect.For dry, dehydrated skin.
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